Mokoomba to Perform at Freedom Hall on March 16

Mokoomba will perform at Freedom Hall on Friday, March 16, 2018 at 7:30. Mokoomba is one of Africa’s most exciting young bands to emerge from the African continent in the past 10-15 years. Hailing from Zimbabwe, they are setting dance-floors ablaze with their unique mix of traditional Tonga and pan -African music cultures with dashes of Rap, Ska, Soukous and Afro-Cuban music. Mokoomba has toured more than 40 countries in Africa, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

“Energetic songs about traditional life, history and culture in the Victoria Falls region of Zimbabwe … Mokoomba.”
— The Guardian

The performance begins at 7:30. Tickets are $25 or $21 for season subscribers.

This performance is sponsored by Southland Arts and Municiplaities and Business Alliance (SAMBA) and 90.9FM WDCB

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mokoombaAbout Mokoomba

Mokoomba is a 6 piece band that plays a unique blend of Tonga and Luvale traditional rhythms fused with dashes of funk, ska and soukous. Hailing from Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, the band has toured around the world and has won a few awards as well as appearing on Later with Jools Holland.
Luyando means mother’s love in Tonga a language that is spoken by the first inhabitants of the Zambezi Valley of Southern Africa. On Luyando, Mokoomba dig even deeper into their heritage: Luyando takes us back into the past to a vanishing world of traditions that used to be at the heart of Tonga and Luvale society, their customs, rituals and even day to day life. There are the cautionary and instructive tracks like, Njawane, which advises young hunters of how to act when faced with a dangerous lion. The haunting Kumukanda is inspired by a Tonga initiation ceremony and Mabemba speaks about the values of the Tonga people. But the album also offers some lighter, playful songs like Nyaradzo which is a song of cheeky courtship or Kulindiswe a personal lament on the hardships of band life, which sees them spend too much time away from family, now that they travel around the world.





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